In recent years, there have been more cases of Lyme and Anaplasma diseases in horses in parts of Europe. We haven’t got the statistics for the prevalence of the diseases in horses in Malta yet – but now we can collect them and we will. Lyme disease comes from a bacterium called Borelia burgdorferi,

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    SEPTIC ARTHRITIS AND TENOSYNOVITIS Joint and tendon sheath infections are a very common occurrence in horses and ponies. Most happen when bacteria enter the joint space through a wound. They can also occur when an infection enters the joint through circulating bacteria in the blood. This happens especially in foals. Horses with an infected joint

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  • Laser for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Horses!

    Laser for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Horses!

    A lot of our clients ask – What is Laser? And when can it help my pet? Laser is used for Healing as well as Pain Relief Through light energy from a laser a vet can reduce the pain and inflammation that your pet might be experiencing as well as accelerate healing in damaged tissues,

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  • Christmas Alert! :)

    Christmas Alert! 🙂

    🇲🇹 🎄 Issa li l-Milied qed joqrob ġmielu, xtaqna nfakkrukhom f’xi affarijiet li għalkemm huma popolari ħafna f’dawn iz-żminijiet, jistu jikkawżaw problemi kbar jekk jittieklu mill-annimali tagħna. 🍫 Ċikkulata 🥧 Ħelu bħal mince pies, pudini, kejkijiet etċ. (Jista jkun fihom affarijiet bħal xylitol, żbib etċ. li jagħmlu ħafna ħsara) 🧅 Basal 🧄 Tewm 🌺 Pjanti

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  • New Pet Obesity Clinic at Vets On Wheels

    New Pet Obesity Clinic at Vets On Wheels

    Vets On Wheels Obesity Clinic for Small Animals offers customized weight management plans that allow for safe and obtainable weight loss, under the guidance of a professional Vet. Obesity is a common health problem in dogs and cats, and can be due to several reasons. It can lead to numerous serious diseases that can affect

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  • Puppy Party

    Puppy Party

    It is important to socialise your puppy at a young age. He will learn to play without being too rough, accept other dogs, and know that other doggies can be fun too! What better way to do it than at your vets – where your puppy can get over the fear of going to the

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  • Chiropractic for Dogs and Horses

    Chiropractic for Dogs and Horses

    A lot of our clients ask – What is chiropractic? Chiropractic is a highly specific manual diagnostic and therapeutic method that deals with the examination, treatment and prophylaxis of functional limitations of joints of the spine and limbs. In other words…. it helps find out what is wrong with joints, treats them, and helps so

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  • Refeeding a Starved Horse.

    Refeeding a Starved Horse.

    It is always a sad picture to see a „skin and bone“ horse. Horses can become malnourished because of various reasons – pure neglect, after a long and difficult illness, due to poor teeth quality, parasitism or poor quality food. Prolonged period of malnutrition leads to muscle wastage, general weakness, hypothermia, decreased gut function, wound

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  • Case of the month: Congenital Idiopathic Megaesophagus

    Case of the month: Congenital Idiopathic Megaesophagus

    Skaar, a sweet little patient of Dr. Carla,  is a 9 month old puppy. He was born with “Congenital Idiopathic Megaesophagus” , it is a disorder that sometimes is not immediately diagnosed, and needs specific tests to verify the condition. The esophagus (or food pipe going down to the stomach) lacks muscular tone. This makes

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  • Neck Muscle Infections

    Neck Muscle Infections

    Your horse might receive many injections in his neck during his lifetime. Whether it is a vaccination for the flu and tetanus, or treatment for pain and injuries. If performed correctly, they won’t cause anything more than a little bit of soreness… every now and again though, injection sites can become infected by bacteria that

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