New Pet Obesity Clinic at Vets On Wheels

Vets On Wheels Obesity Clinic for Small Animals offers customized weight management plans that allow for safe and obtainable weight loss, under the guidance of a professional Vet. Obesity is a common health problem in dogs and cats, and can be due to several reasons. It can lead to numerous serious diseases that can affect the length and especially the quality of life of your pet. These include diabetes, pancreatitis, hyperlipidemia (high fat levels in the blood), arthritis, skin and circulation problems. 

Our weight loss programs are tailored for the individual patient, and include regular monitoring for all our registered clients. Come in and weigh your pet and talk to the vet. 

Our careful monitoring together with your better understanding can help your pet become slimmer, happier and healthier. 

The Vets On Wheels Obesity Clinic for Animals specializes in:

  • Weight loss plans that have previously failed
  • Weight loss plans in pets with special dietary needs
  • Multi-pet or multi-owner households 
  • Personalized care and guidance

Call reception to book your first consultation on 27500150.  (We offer this service free of charge to all our regular registered clients- since we care for your pets good health!) 

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