Patient of The Month – Jacob, Our December Star!

This time its a horse with character!

The deserving patient is Jacob, a very young, docile cob who was brought as a foal from abroad.  We don’t really know how he got himself into mischief, as usually happens in these cases. Owner found him with a cut on his leg. They called the on-call Vet at Vets On Wheels.

Dr. Vangelis thought he was going to attend to a simple stitch up, but it was far more complicated than that!. The cut was deep and all his tendons were exposed… which meant that the only chance of him recovering from this injury would be tenoscopy of the tendon sheath and reconstruction of the wound under General anaesthesia. Very few people understand the seriousness of the situation. An injury of this type  has fatal consequences for a horse unless dealt with immediately in the surgical theatre.

It took the  whole team,  with Dr. Claire Robinson and Dr. Katiucha Galea as surgeons and DR. Vangelis on Anaesthesia, nearly 3 hours to put the wound together and repair all the damaged tissue.

Thankfully , although being young, little Jacob was very sensible and took well to recovery from anaesthesia, assisted with ropes inside the protected recovery box. 

One month post surgery, he is completely sound, and already growing back his ‘feathers’. Soon enough, it would seem as though nothing had happened. 

He is seen in the pictures receiving his Gift of a Red head-collar and special horse treats, thanks to The Equestrian Haven –

Looking Snazzy! Ready for Christmas celebrations! Bandage will be off by then too!


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