New born foal check

Recommended within 12 hours after foaling

  1. Assessment of the mare:
  • Check that the placenta has been completely removed
  • Check that she is producing milk
  1. Assessment of the foal:
  • Physical examination
  • Assessment of the umbilicus
  • Administration of tetanus anti- toxin
  • Registration at the clinic

What to expect when all goes well:

  • 1 hour. Between 30–60 minutes foal should stand successfully and start to search for udder under mare’s abdomen.
  • 2 hours. Successfully nurse 5-7 times an hour.
  • 4 hours. Foal should have passed dark meconium, followed by soft, pale yellow milk faeces.
  • 12 hours. Within 6–12 hours the foal should have urinated.