We will do all that is required to your horse's teeth and leave you a dental record sheet which you should file away for future reference.

What to expect during a dental appointment.
1. A thorough oral and dental examination – a dinical assessment of the teeth and soft tissues – the vet will take Into consideration
the type of sports (if any} that the horge ts involved In and what typs of bits he’d ba wearing.
2. Controlled and careful reduction of sharp points and balancing of dental arcades (rasping, floating, equillbrating etc)
4. Further Investigation of ary kdentified abnormalities 9.g. cavities, aboonmal spaces between teeth
4. Treatment of gross abnormalities causing signs of discomfort or disease 9.9 extraction of diseased testh
5. Treatment of symptomless but developing disease to prevent progression e.g. cavity restoration

Horses usually require ragping of the sharp enamel potnts of the upper cheek teeth and Inside edge of the lower teath. When the
orse’s mouth or teeth have not developed normally, through congenital defects, malnutrition, mismanagement or lack of cara at
the crucial developmental phase, between 1-4 years old, then more extensive work may be required. Very minor problems can be
asotved with hand raspirig. However, as Is most often the case, and to ensure a thorough job, Iike you would want when you visit
your own dentist, most times additional equipment Is required to correct the problem.

We use an electric grinding machine, a powerficat, which grinds the hard enamel points without causing any damage to the
surrouriding gums. ft ls Important that the horse is sedated, and restralned during the use and insertion of powertoots in the
mouth. ft makes It vary difficult for the vetarinartan to do a good Job If the horse Is moving his head up and down.

Unless otherwise recommended horses’ testh should be checked and rasped avery 6 to 12 months, depending on the age,
performance requirements, use and diet of your horse. The vet will Instruct you on the preferable date of the next dental check-up.